Larsen's Jazz Fusion And Beyond

On this site I want to present some artists and albums that have ment a lot for me.

The Jazz Track LP compilation is made up of two unrelated studio sessions. This Lp was first released and then withdrawn (Rare)
The A side recorded on Dec 4, 1957, is devoted to ten songs composed for the soundtrack to the French film "L'Ascenseur Pour l'Echafaud." The B side represents only a portion of the May 26, 1958, studio session that has since been reissued in full on CD.

  • The Crusaders

    Aktive since 1952, they released their first album in 1961 as The Jazz Crusaders. A name they had until 1971, when they became The Crusaders. Probably their best period is the 70's, known for their jazz, pop and soul sound, adding fusion to their songs.

  • Koinonia

    Probably the best spiritual band ever. Founded in 1980 by session musicans, their members can be heard on multiple albums

  • Spyro Gyra

    Commercially successfull Jazz-pop group over the past 30 years

  • Jazz-Rock Albums

    The style of Jazz-rock was created in the late 1960's. Used from both the rock and jazz side of music, with bass lines, drumming styles and electrified music

Great Fusion LP, by Seawind originally from Hawaii. Self titled released in 1976

We Got A Way from Seawind by Seawind

Boyd Matson shared this epic video, saying “Abraham Laboriel is one of the world’s greatest bass players according to Paul McCartney. A lot of musicians must agree because he is the most recorded bass player of all time. I got Abraham, Pee Wee Hill, and some other great musician friends to record this sort of dueling bass jazz-funk groove.”

Awesome bass performance by Abraham Laboriel

Dirty Loops Baby (Justin Bieber cover)

Promesing Swedish Fusion Band "Dirty Loops"

Paul Clarks "Aim for the Heart", great jazz-rock album released in 1980.

Paul Clarks "Another Victim" from "Aim for the Heart" with bass solo

Featureing members of Koinonia with Laboriel, Hockensmith, Maxwell and Rogers. Earnie Watts on sax

Gotta Serve Somebody

Phil Keaggy & Paul Clark perform "Gotta Serve Somebody" with the Word of Life Church band

Words & Music by Bob Dylan.

Lead Vocals: Paul Clark,
Backing Vocals: Phil Keaggy,
Guitars: Phil Keaggy, Paul Clark, Josh Myers, Sterling Dorrell, Jimmie Bratcher,
Keyboard: Eric Stark,
Trumpet: Eric Stark,
Bass: Rich Brouhard,
Drums: Shawn Landers

Open Hands is a band consiting of Abraham Laboriel, Greg Mathieson, Justo Almario and Bill Maxwell. All well known session musicans. Their live concerts was better than the album, who can appear a little overplayed.