Great consert the songs of Koinonia, Crouch, Hallin and Arvid Pettersen at SommarFlørt

Abraham Laboriel is scedule for a Scandinavian tour in august 2020, where they will play the songs of Koinonia.

TOUR MOVED to August 2022

The original tour with Abraham Laboriel has been canseled do to illness. We hope Laboriel will recover.

A NEW Tour with Bill Maxwell and all star band has been set up.

Koinonia was founded in 1980 by Abraham Laboriel and Bill Maxwell. The band had it's first public appearance at The Baked Potato, Los Angeles in 1980. The name Koinonia is from Greek, that means "partnership" or "fellowship" or "to communicate by the act of using as common." 

The "original" band consisted of Abraham Laboriel, Bill Maxwell, Harlan Rogers, Hadley Hockensmith, Dean Parks, John Phillips and Alex Auña. Justo Alamrio replaced John Phillips in 1981, and Dean Parks left because he did not want to travel. Lou Pardini joined the band in 1988. 

The band have released three studio albums and one live album. On their latest album  the group appeared in a new concept with vocal songs, and not as an instrumental group as they started. There are also realesed two compilations of Koinonia "Compact Favorites" (1989), and "Pilgrims Progression" in 1991. In 2010 there was released a box-set, containing all their albums on cd, and two dvd videos.

On their latest album "Koinonia", Dean Parks and Michael Landau played Guitar, and Michael Ficher replaced Alex Acuña on percussion. Also Chester Thompson (drums) and Buddy Nuanez (guitar) played with Koinonia on tours, but was not members. 

Koinonia was disbanded in 1991.

Alex Acuña has been a member of Weather Report.

The members of Koinonia have after the disband, been playing together as backing musicans for other artists, such as Andrae Crouch, in concert(s) where they sometimes have played the songs of Koinonia. And also Fletch Wiley.


Albums by the members of Koinonia:

Abraham Laboriel

1993 - Dear Friends

1994 - Guidum

1995 - Justo Almario & Abraham Laboriel

2004 - Live In Switzerland

1993 - Notenstock with special guest Abraham Laboriel - Live In Vienna 1993

1995 - Carol Knauber Featuring: Alex Acuña, Tom Brechtlein, Rich Fames, Brandon Fields

Jimmy Johnson, Abraham Laboriel - The Juggler

2001 - Greg Matieson, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta - Live at

the Baked Potato 2000

2001 - Abraham Laboriel, Greg Mathieson - Laboriel Mathieson

2005 - Greg Mathieson, Abraham Laboriel Sr., Michael Landau, Abraham Laboriel Jr. / The

Jazz Ministry - Another Night At The Baked Potato 2005


Justo Almario

1981 - Interlude

1985 - Forever Friends

1987 - Plumbline

1989 - Family Time

1990 - Marcos Ariel With Justo Almario - Rhapsody In Rio

1990 - Heritage

1995 - Count Me In

1998 - Justo Almario / Marcos Ariel - Soul Song

1999 - Tolú / Alex Acuña & Justo Almario - Rumbero's Poetry

2002 - Tolú / Alex Acuña & Justo Almario - Bongó De Van Gogh

2008 - Lothar Kosse, Ralf Gustke, Adam Rogers, Phil Keaggy, Justo Almario, Michael 

Schlierf, Andreas Gundlach, Vinnie Colaiuta, NBA, Kosho - Play Like David


Hadley Hockensmith

1986 - Hearthsongs


Alex Acuña

1990 - Alex Acuña & Unknowns - Thinking Og You

2000 - Acuarela De Tambores - Top Percussion (Rhythms For A New Millennium)

2000 - Matucana featuring: Charlie Mariano & Alex Acuña - Isla Negra

2002 - Los Hijos del Sol / Alex Acuña & Eva Ayllón - To My Country (Contemporary Peruvian Music)

2006 - Joe Zawinul, WDR BB, Alex Acuña, Nathaniel Townsley, Victor Bailey - Brown Street

2009 - Acuña / Hoff / Mathisen - Jungle City

2011 - Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band 'Directed by Featuring', Poncho Sanchez, Alex Acuña, Luis Conte, Peter Erskin, Steve Khan, Alan Pasqua, Don Shelton, Carl Saunders, Andy Martin - ¡Ritmo!

2012 - Acuña / Hoff / Mathisen - Barxeta


Harlan Rogers And Smitty Price

1986 - Timeless (Hymns In Colour)

1987 - Praise (An Instrumental Medley Of 22 Praise Classics)

1988 - The Colours Of Praise Two (An Instrumental Medley Of 20 Praise Classics) 

1989 - Hymns In Colour


Lou Pardini

1996 - Live And Let Live

1997 - Night To Remember

1998 - Look The Other Way


 Koinonia alike Albums:

Fletch Wiley - 1981 - Nightwatch

Fletch Wiley - 1992 - Urban Reel

Fletch Wiley And Friends - 2003 - Ornament of the Univers




More Than A Feelin' released in 1983 on Royal Music. Excellent Jazz-Rock Fusion

Celebration, released in 1984 on Sparrow Records. Great live album

More Than A Feelin', released in 1984 on Cenyon Records. Japanease Release.

Frontline, released in 1986 on Sparrow Records. Koinonia's second studio album

Self titled album released in 1989 on Royal Music. Kononia's first and only vocal album.

Compact Favorites, released in 1989 on Sparrow Records, is a compilation with songs from their three first albums.

Pilgrim's Progression, released in 1991 on Magnus Erikson Production. Great compilation presenting the music of Koinonia.

All The Best, released 2010 is a box-set, compilation including 4 cd's and 2 dvd-video's. That is all their albums and two live video concerts: Live In Scandinavium and Live In Montreux

All The Best, 2010 on MEP, back cover

Funky Bumkins from More Than A Feelin'

Koinonia, Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo, March 20 1986

1. More than a feeling
2. Give your love
3. Pilgrim´s progression.
Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Guitar: Hadley Hockensmith, Drums: Bill Maxwell and Alex Acuna, Woods: Justo Almario, Keyboard: Harlan Rodgers.
Unic photos from that concert